A client from Kansas recently requested Wyandotte Industries to custom manufacture a series of steel spacers that would be used in agricultural equipment applications. Employing our Acme Gridley screw machine, which was able to meet a (±) .005 of an inch precision tolerance, we blanked each spacer, preparing the parts for heat treatment and plating.

After manufacturing was complete, we quenched and tempered all units, providing the spacers with a RC30-40 surface hardness and then plated the parts with zinc and yellow dichromate. When finished, the spacers measured Ø 13/16 of an inch ID, Ø 2 inches Rd, and 7/16 of an inch thick. The parts also weighed .250 pounds each and possessed a 125 microfinish.

Wyandotte Industries additionally performed a series of hardness tests and in-process inspections to make certain that the parts fulfilled all client expectations for design and quality. After ensuring that the steel spacers met with all of our customer’s precise product specifications, we delivered these parts to our buyer’s facility in Kansas.