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Screw Machining Services

With our advanced screw machining services, Wyandotte Industries specializes in the manufacturing of bushings, collars, fittings, inserts, and spacers, along with a variety of other products. Our Acme Gridley and Davenport machinery offers ultra-precision multi-spindle screw machining operations that can hold to an extremely tight, (+/-) .002 of an inch tolerance, depending on the size and grade of the material.

With the ability to work with a variety of materials, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum, measuring up to 4 inches in length and 4-3/4 inches in outer diameter, our screw machining operations have assisted the needs of a wide range of diverse industries, such as transportation, military, medical, and mining. We can also reverse engineer almost any existing part. We invite you to contact Wyandotte Industries today to learn more about our ISO certified, ultra-precision screw machining products and capabilities.

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Special Nuts

Specializing in the production of special nut and locknut products, Wyandotte Industries produces a wide variety of fastener types, such as slotted and castle nuts, coupling nuts, nylon insert locknuts, jam nuts, and all metal locknuts. Our capabilities include producing special nuts to blueprint specifications that can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from axles to construction machinery, steering systems, and hydraulics. Wyandotte Industries does maintain a large inventory of nylon insert locknuts.

Offering a variety of material options, finishes, configurations, and thread types, our ISO certified line of special nuts and locknuts have served the needs of diverse industries, ranging from aerospace and agricultural to medical and recreational vehicles. Providing additional services in heat-treating, plating, thread adhesives, and grinding, we invite you to contact Wyandotte Industries to learn more about our special nut and locknut products!

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Nylon Insert Locknuts

Wyandotte Industries is currently manufacturing Nylon Insert Locknuts, specializing in larger sizes, including special and standard series dimensions. We produce nylon insert locknuts in low carbon, medium carbon and heat treatable steel grades, as well as non-ferrous materials. The nylon insert locknut is one of the most versatile locknuts, as the nylon insert does not wear or modify the threads of the mating part, allowing for reusability. The nut is free spinning until the bolt enters the locking insert, at which time the bolt threads then become impressed into the nylon. The nylon insert exerts constant pressure against the threads of the bolt, thereby preventing the nut from rotating. This allows the locknut to withstand severe vibration while providing a torque tension relationship.

From 3/4″ thru 2 1/2″ ID – M12 thru M68 sizes along with specials manufactured to your blueprints.

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CNC Machining Services

With our CNC machining services, which include both CNC turning and four-axis milling operations, we manufacture a wide variety of products, such as bushings, collars, machined components, and fasteners. From one-off-prototypes to high volume production runs, our CNC machining operations have met the needs of diverse industries, ranging from alternative energy to construction and electrical. We can provide a wide variety of additional services, including, but not limited to, heat treating, plating, centerless grinding, deep-hole drilling, and assembly.

With the ability to manufacture parts measuring up to 7 inches in width and height, 5 inches in length, and up to 7 inches in diameter, our CNC machining operations can work with a variety of materials, including alloy steel, stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum. Contact Wyandotte Industries today to learn more about our advanced CNC machining capabilities – which include both CNC turning and milling – or to inquire after any of our secondary service options.

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