Using a combination of our Acme Gridley screw machines, our pellow slotting equipment, and our tapping equipment, Wyandotte Industries manufactures a series of custom castle nuts for the automotive industry. These castle nuts were constructed from carbon steel and were intended for use in a vehicle axle application. Based off a customer supplied print, we built these nuts to measure precisely ½ of an inch in height and 1.500 inches across flats. We also provided the castle nuts with a 125 RMS microfinish.

Meeting a total indicator reading and height tolerance of .005 of an inch, we employed our screw machine to blank each part, readying the nuts for additional operations. These additional operations included both slotting and heat-treatment, using quenching and tempering processes to provide the nuts with a RC 26-36 surface hardness. In addition, we also tapped all 1-20(2B) threads.

Wyandotte Industries performed a series of in-process testing and product inspections to ensure that the castle nuts met all of our client’s conditions for quality and design. Once we were assured that the parts lived up to exact customer specifications, we then delivered the finished products to our client’s facility in South America.